Is this trying to fix me?

How to structure my life so that it complies as little as possible with Capitalism and the Patriarchy, and includes as much Experiences, Awareness and Joy as possible:

(an ongoing list)

  1. Believe, always: There is nothing wrong with me. There is nothing that needs to be fixed.

  2. Treat others knowing that they are not broken and do not need to be fixed.

  3. Ask myself before starting anything new – meditation, intuition training, morning pages, clean eating, whatever: Is this trying to fix me? Am I using this to try and fix me? Then remember N° 1: There is nothing that needs to be fixed.

  4. How can I do this new thing (and try to „get better“, to grow, to change, to evolve) without putting myself into a shameful place of „not good enough“? By liking beginnings. By not counting. Take the numbers out. Try a life with less numbers. Try feeling my way through stuff.

  5. Be careful of what I choose to track. Really careful. What are the relevant stats to my life?

  6. Take responsibility for my own goals and for the tools I choose to use.

  7. Nurture myself to the place where I can take this responsibility.

  8. Choose to be in my body. It does not matter what that looks like on the outside.

  9. Saying: We like the body. The body is good. We like the body.