Die richtige Größe für mich

Wann nehme ich die „richtige“ Menge an Raum ein? Wann mache ich mich zu klein, wann mache ich mich zu groß?

Notizen aus diesem Podcast-Interview mit Bear Hébert:

Liberation is about everybody taking up the right size of space for them. Nobody gets made smaller, nobody has to pump themselves up. For white female passing that might mean: More than patriarchy would allow, but less than white supremacy would have us believe. It shifts depending on who is around us, it is relational.

What is the right amount of space for you to take up? Who are the people you have access to and what is the right work you can do with them?

Helena Liu schreibt hier dazu:

Some show up too big. They have punishing, unrealistic expectations for themselves. They usually see themselves as lone saviors, burdened with the moral responsibility to single-handedly liberate their communities, their field, and the world.

Some show up too small. They are consumed by helplessness and hopelessness. They see themselves as a drop of water in an ocean, incapable of making any difference at all.

Both these sizing struggles tend to plague the same person. They may feel impotent and try to suppress their fear by puffing themselves up. Then they doubt their own grandiose vision and fall back into impotence.

Und sie ergänzt, dass eine Antwort auf diese Fragen für sie im Stärken der Gemeinschaften, zu denen sie sich dazugehörig fühlt, liegt: „It’s not about chasing fantasies of individual heroism but recognizing that our efforts are part of a collective.