Warum Gedichte lesen?

Weil Menschen, die Gedichte schreiben, tendenziell weird sind, und weil du dann nachklingst wie eine Glocke.

Clive Thompson in 9 Ways to ‘Rewild Your Attention’

If you really want your brain to get out of its usual ruts, read poetry. This has several benefits. One: Poets are generally the weirdest cats around. Poetry has a very high strangeness-to-page ratio, which can be great for reformatting your consciousness. Two: The way that poets use language and metaphor is quite unlike how writers of prose (fiction and nonfiction) use it. The language can be oblique and brain-jangling, and they grab a metaphor and smack you upside the head with it, no pussyfooting around. Good poetry makes you ring like a bell.

Weil Menschen meist lesen (und schauen und hören), um Stückchen von sich selber zu finden.

aus einem Essay von Freya Daly Sadgrove

people don’t read your poems to find out about you / they read them to find bits of themselves / which is why anybody reads anything / you aren’t interesting until you tell someone something about themselves they didn’t know or couldn’t have articulated.